Galapagos Conservancy Canada (GCC) is a Canadian registered charity established to raise funds for, and awareness of, the conservation needs of the Galapagos Islands. We are dedicated to the long-term protection of the Islands’ biodiversity.

GCC works to support the successful management of the Galapagos Islands ecosystem and is a primary source of information and comment in Canada on conservation in the Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Conservancy Canada works with key institutions in Galapagos to deliver its conservation aims.

  • Pelican - Photo by Shelley Solomon
  • Galapagos Flamingo - Photo by Walli Pagniello, Burlington, ON
  • Sally Lightfoot Crabs - Photo by Andy Teucher
  • Medium Ground Finch fledgling - Photo by Kiyoko Gotanda
  • Redbilled Tropicbird - Photo by Dave Hobson